Vegas/Egypt (2023)

A Vegas restaurant-hopping excursion coincides and collides with the Arab Spring uprising of 2011. A rumination on life, death, and political upheaval against a backdrop of casinos and some of the finest dining one will ever likely experience.

Red Shift (2003)

A PolySci-Fi Religio-Comic Fantasy in Five Acts. Winner of a 2002 Mark Time Award. The next Dalai Lama has a story for you. It may or may not be this one.

Box Of Time (2002)

The Mayan civilization collapses. Will it be resurrected as a new Disney Ride? Monique is far-sighted.

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Neal Amid (1998)

On the last feet of his journey, in the last minutes of his life, Neal Cassady wonders what tracks he'll leave on memory. Can his last footsteps not step out of time, and get it right this time?

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An Infinite Trilogy (1997)