Box Of Time - Credits Etc

Presented by Seem Real Theatre
Written and Produced by Cat Simril

Starring, in order of appearance:

David and Patty Samuel
Monique Ishikawa - Age 6
Rich Powell
Dennis Innes
Phil Austin
Kevin Murphy
Stephen Huddart
Vicky O'Conner
Tiger the dog
Erin Ferguson
CS Ishikawa
Maya & Noah Pope
Mel Osmack
Randy & Maureen Caine
Eric Lind
Cyan Mercer
Ernie the Cat
Monique Ishikawa - Age 19

Original Music by Jeremy Scott

Sound Effects by Fumiyo Ishikawa, Terry Hadland, Stuart Scholefield & A1 Free Sound Effects

All material written by Cat Simril except:
Passages from the Popol Vuh translated by Dennis Tedlock
A Mayan saying
"Highway 61" by Bob Dylan

Thanks to Sam Longoria, Peter Stenshoel and Doc Technical for assistance and BF Westley for CD cover

Total Running Time - 28:20

© 2002 Seem Real Theatre

Dedicated to Monique Ishikawa