Vegas/Egypt - Credits Etc

Written by Cat Simril
Produced by Thomas O'Neill


CS Ishikawa
Kurt Ericson
Stephanie Scott
Dave Pryce
Monique Ishikawa
Dino and Krista Chand
Richard Fish
Tony Rogers
Tom O'Neill
Harry Minot
Mirza Rahimani
Lara Cubitt
Maurice Gauthier
Patty Holmes
Dave Samuels
Terry Hadland
Lili Fuller
Katie Mckinnon
Phoenix, Shiya, Caira and Lincoln Chand

Total Running Time - 63:45

Vegas/Egypt would like to thank The Guardian newspaper, The Square, a movie by Ruben Ostlund and You Can Crush the Flowers by Bahia Shehab for information about the Egyptian revolution.

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