Neal Amid

Neal Cassady wonders what
tracks he'll leave on memory.
Will he get it right this

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neal amid - mp3 files
You can listen to the entire play here!

Act I: Yorkton       MP3 Stream       MP3 Download
Act II: Chicago       MP3 Stream       MP3 Download
Act III: Albania       MP3 Stream       MP3 Download
Act IV: Egypt       MP3 Stream       MP3 Download
Act V: Mexico       MP3 Stream       MP3 Download

Four Commercials In Search
Of Neal Amid
(MP3 Files)

Auto       MP3 Stream       MP3 Download
Cavities       MP3 Stream       MP3 Download
Virus       MP3 Stream       MP3 Download
Moon       MP3 Stream       MP3 Download

CD Table of Contents:

Four Commercials

Act I - Yorkton
Mr. Bronfman liquefies Canada.
Neal Cassady drinks her dry.

Act II - Chicago
Al Capone, Babe Ruth and a bald
eagle teach Neal a thing or two.

Act III - Albania
Aunt Theresa and Cleopatra
vie for Neal's soul, or is it just
a new pizza topping?

Act IV - Egypt
The Russians are revolting, the
Dead live, and the prophet speaks.

Act V - Mexico
Osiris leads Neal to his
dusty destiny.


neal amid
presented by seem real theatre

Written by Cat Simril
Production and Sound Design by Peter Stenshoel

Starring: Phil Austin, Melinda Peterson, Phil Proctor, Tom Satriano, Benajah Cobb, Sandelle Kincaid, Kitty Felde, Charles Dayton, David Brancaccio, Stephen Beard, Richard Carruthers, Greg Bishop, Robert Larson, Eric Roy, Stephen Huddart, Catherine Rideout, Lewis, Patty and David Samuel, Cliff, Jason and Joshua Kahn, Ted Alvy, Mark Masyga, Jerry Modjeski, Ricky and Emi Pope, Terry Hadland, Eric Lind, Sean Luchterhand, Mirian Stonehill, Yasue Kuroki, Peter Stenshoel, Monique, Fumiyo and C.S. Ishikawa.

Also featuring: Clio Smeeton, Wendy Scholefield, Michelle Martin and Reiko Murakami.

Original music by Dick Dammit (Acts 1 & 5) and Peter Stenshoel (Acts 3 & 4), with apologies to the Greatful Dead.

Special thanks to Jerry Summers for technical support; Mark Masyga, Jerry Modjeski of Mystery Spot and Chris Waterbury of Bat Lenny for engineering assistance; and the Little City in Space for speeding tickets.

Muchas Gracias to Comedy Czar Paul Krassner

neal amid 1998 Seem Real Theatre

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