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Presented by Seem Real Theatre
Written and Produced by Cat Simril
Total Time 28:20

Starring, in order of appearance:
David and Patty Samuel
Monique Ishikawa - Age 6
Rich Powell
Dennis Innes
Phil Austin
Kevin Murphy
Stephen Huddart
Vicky O'Conner
Tiger the dog
Erin Ferguson
CS Ishikawa
Maya & Noah Pope
Mel Osmack
Randy & Maureen Caine
Eric Lind
Cyan Mercer
Ernie the Cat
Monique Ishikawa - Age 19

Original Music by Jeremy Scott
Sound Effects by Fumiyo Ishikawa, Terry Hadland,
          Stuart Scholefield & A1 Free Sound Effects

All material written by Cat Simril except:
Passages from the Popol Vuh translated by Dennis Tedlock
A Mayan saying
"Highway 61" by Bob Dylan

Thanks to Sam Longoria, Peter Stenshoel and Doc Technical for assistance
and BF Westley for CD cover

2002 Seem Real Theatre

Dedicated to Monique Ishikawa